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X1 delivers the simplest, fastest, and most complete way to access all your entertainment on all your screens.

XFINITY X1 Triple Play packages starting at $79.99/mo for 12 months.

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Voice Remote

Introducing the voice remote.
Say it. See it.

The new voice remote lets you find what you want fast. Use voice commands to change channels, search for shows, get recommendations, and more.

Learn more about the voice remote >

What can I say?

Change the channel.

"Watch HBO"

"What's on Discovery Channel?"

Search for shows or actors.

"Find Homeland"

"Search for Tom Cruise"

Get recommendations.

""What should I watch?"

"Show me more like Frozen"

"What's on tonight at eight o'clock"

Browse XFINITY On Demand

"Show me kids movies on Starz"

"Do you have any funny movies?"

"Do you have any shows about home design?"

Take your DVR shows to go

With X1’s revolutionary cloud-based DVR, you can take your DVR shows to go. Stream your recordings from anywhere or even download them to your tablet or smartphone to watch while you’re offline. Now everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite shows in any room or on the go.

The smartest DVR at home, and on the go


Record up to 15 shows at once

Now you can record and watch 15 shows at once so you’ll never miss your favorites.
Learn how to get 15 Tuners


Watch in any room

Watch your recordings on any TV in the house. You can even start watching in one room and finish in another.


Store hundreds of shows

Enjoy plenty of storage space, enough for hundreds of shows so you don’t have to delete your favorite shows to make room for new ones.

Amazingly fast, unlike any other pay-TV set-top I’ve ever used — VideoNuze, Will Richmond

Full speed ahead

Only the X1 Entertainment Operating System brings Internet and TV together like never before. Get the fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi for all rooms, all devices, all the time. So now everyone in your home can get online and do more of what they love – stream HD movies and TV shows, download music and game online. All at the fastest speeds.

Get access to millions of XFINITY WiFi hotspots nationwide, all included at no additional cost.

View your favorite apps on the big screen


Get fast access to televised sporting events, plus live scores, upcoming schedules, and more.

  • Headlines


    Get real-time traffic reports plus roadway and weather conditions to help plan your trip.

  • Weather


    Enjoy up-to-the-minute local weather forecasts, extended outlooks, and the ability to search national areas too.

  • Pandora


    Discover new music you'll love mixed in with music you already know on this personalized Internet radio app.

  • Photos


    View photos from your Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram accounts in crystal clear HD, right on your TV.

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XFINITY X1 Triple Play packages starting at $79.99/mo for 12 months.

Learn how to get 15 Tuners

To record and watch 10 shows at once on 2 TVs, you will need:
  • Additional outlet with DVR Service
  • $10.00 Additional outlet
  • $9.95 DVR Service$19.95
  • AnyRoom DVR Service
  • Allows you to watch recordings on any TV
  • Includes equipment for 1 TV$19.95
To record and watch 15 shows at once on 3 TVs, you will need:
  • 2 additional outlets with DVR Service
  • $10.00 Additional outlet x2
  • $9.95 DVR Service x2$39.90
  • AnyRoom DVR Service
  • Allows you to watch recordings on any TV
  • Includes equipment for 1 TV$19.95
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