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Experience TV and Internet together like never before with the X1 Entertainment Operating System™.

The simplest, fastest and most complete way to access all your entertainment.

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A better way to access all of your entertainment.
  • A search engine for your TV.

    Just type the first few letters of a title, genre or actor and get integrated search results across live TV, XFINITY On Demand™, and your DVR. It’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for.

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  • See your last watched instantly.

    See the last shows and channels you’ve watched with the touch of a button. Easily flip between channels or quickly resume a show on your DVR or XFINITY On Demand.

  • Just say it and find it.

    Using the X1 Remote App on your smartphone, you can control your TV. Plus hundreds of voice commands so you can change channels, search for shows and get recommendations without ever lifting a finger.

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More ways to get more entertainment.
  • Instant entertainment.

    Laugh, cry or scream. No matter what mood you’re in there’s always something to watch with XFINITY On Demand™. Browse the best selection of TV shows, movies and more anytime you want.

  • Recommended for you.

    Looking for a new show or movie to watch? Now discover a new favorite based on what you’re watching. Get "more like this" results for your selected program and personalized recommendations based on shows and movies you've recorded or watched on XFINITY On Demand.

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An advanced HD DVR that does it all.
  • Watch in any room.

    Watch your recordings on any TV in the house. You can even start watching in one room and finish in another.

  • Record 4 shows at once.

    Now the whole family can record their favorite shows at once. Record up to four shows while watching another.

  • Store hundreds of shows.

    Enjoy plenty of storage space, enough for hundreds of shows so you don’t have to delete your favorite shows to make room for new ones.

Apps for weekdays and weekends.
Follow the whole league.

With the sports app, you can track multiple games at once and check the latest scores and standings, all while watching another game or show.

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Facebook, Pandora, and more...

Get the latest weather and traffic updates, listen to music on Pandora, or share what you’re watching on Facebook or Twitter – all with apps right on your TV.

  • "It feels like a genuinely 21st-century way to use a widescreen television set - like a smart TV inside your cable box." - The Verge, Tim Carmody
  • "Amazingly fast, unlike any other pay-TV set-top I've ever used..." - VideoNuze, Will Richmond
  • "...X1 is worth getting over other subscription services." -, Warren Bowman

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