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Comcast's Customer Agreements, Policies, and Services Disclosures

Xfinity® Residential Services

Customer Agreement for Residential Services

Comcast XFINITY Customer Privacy Notice


Important Notices and Policies for Video Customers


Acceptable Use Policy for XFINITY Voice and
Comcast Digital Voice Residential Voice Services

XFINITY Internet

Acceptable Use Policy for
High-Speed Internet Services


XFINITY WiFi Non-member Terms of Service

XFINITY WiFi Non-member Privacy Policy

XFINITY WiFi App Privacy Policy


E-Sign Disclosure for Agreements
Signed Electronically

Control Services Agreement

Secure Services Alarm Installation and Services Agreement (for customers under a 2-year contract term)

Secure Services Alarm Installation and Services Agreement (for PENNSYLVANIA customers under a 2-year contract term)

Secure Services Alarm Installation and Services Agreement (for purchases after 6/4/13)

Secure Services Alarm Installation and Services Agreement (for purchases before 6/4/13)

Comcast Commercial Services

Business Services Customer Terms & Conditions
(for purchases after 2/28/11)

Business Services Customer Terms & Conditions
(for purchases prior to 3/1/11)

Comcast Acceptable Use Policy
for Business Services High-Speed Internet

Comcast Customer Privacy Notice

Additional Policies and Disclosures
for Internet Services

FAQ and Network Management

Network Safety

Ports Blocked for Security Reasons

Email Information for Postmasters

What is Comcast doing about Spam?

Legal Requests

Law Enforcement Handbook

Comcast strives to provide consumers with accessible, easy-to-understand information about the services we provide, so they can make informed decisions about which services best meet their needs. Consistent with that goal, we have designed this page to act as a single place where consumers and others can come to review the relevant policies, agreements, and other information about these services.

Additionally, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") requires that Comcast and other providers of broadband Internet access services disclose certain information regarding those Internet services. We believe that all of the information required for disclosure under the FCC's rules is found in the various policies and documents listed on this page. To assist you in finding the information you're looking for, we want to highlight a few pieces of information that the FCC specifically calls for:

Network Practices

  • Comcast has informative network management pages and our Network Management Information Center provides information regarding our existing congestion management systems, as well as links to documents explaining our network management practices in more technical detail.
  • We also have a DOCSIS Device Information Center to provide customers with a comprehensive list of all currently approved cable modems and EMTA devices, and we have published the DOCSIS Cable Modem Process and Requirements for testing and certification of additional DOCSIS-compliant devices for use on the Comcast network.
  • Comcast also provides a comprehensive suite of security capabilities known as the Constant Guard service. We also have News and Alerts pages that provide news and information on topics related to network security.

Performance Characteristics

  • Comcast provides a detailed summary of its Internet service performance containing information about speed and latency, as well as other related topics.
  • Comcast has always prided itself on providing state-of-the-art broadband services at the highest possible speeds. Recent testing performed by the FCC confirms that Comcast's service is one of the fastest, most reliable broadband services in the United States. It consistently delivers at or above the "provisioned" speed for the particular service tier. We also provide a speed test page, so you can test your connection for yourself.
  • The FCC also recently established a new class of services it calls "specialized services." Based on the FCC's descriptions of this new class of service, we do not believe we currently provide any specialized services. We do use Internet protocol ("IP")-based technologies to provide you with certain functionality associated with your Xfinity TV and Xfinity Voice services, but those are not specialized services as we understand that term. Regardless, these functions are designed to ensure that they do not affect the performance of your Xfinity Internet service. If and when Comcast offers specialized services over our network, we will publish relevant information about how those services work and how they may affect your Xfinity Internet service.


  • For more information about pricing of our various Xfinity Internet tiers of service and all our Xfinity services, please visit the Xfinity Deals & Promotions page.

If you have any questions about these disclosures, or cannot find what you're looking for, please contact us at

Updated: 4/23/12