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Disney Family Movies On Demand with XFINITY® TV from Comcast

Disney Family Movies On Demand

A month full of Disney movies whenever you want, from beloved classics to new popular favorites. With 10 to 12 different Disney movies available each month, plus other great Disney features, the kids can watch and rewind — and rewind again — a different set of favorite Disney moments every month.

Features and Benefits

  • Get commercial-free access to 10-12 Disney movies each month, plus other great features!
  • Only $5.99 per month for unlimited access.

This month on Disney Movies On Demand 

Ducktales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Pollyanna
Pollyanna is an orphan who brings sunshine into the lives of everyone she meets.
The Adventures of Huck Finn Condorman
A comic book artist is asked by a CIA agent to deliver diplomatic papers to a beautiful Russian agent.
Jungle 2 Jungle The Moon-Spinnerst
A teen finds romance and searches for stolen gems during her vacation.

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