Customer Guarantee in Action

Past Award Recipients

Read the stories of past award winners to learn how Comcast employees are working everyday to improve your customer experience.

Jose, Customer Account Executive (New Jersey)
Jose describes three things he always does to ensure a positive customer experience. “I take ownership of every call, review the customer history to answer their questions, and ask if I've taken care of the needs at the end of each call."

"I also utilize CASPER, one of our online databases that provides customer account executives with the latest, most accurate information about products and pricing, to find new information and codes and check email daily for anything new. I never guess about information which helps ensure my work order accuracy."

Nathan, Technician (Utah)
Nathan tries to reduce repeat calls from customers by ensuring that everything is working properly the first time around.

“I do as much as I possibly can before I leave,” says Nathan. “I check thoroughly for any problems to make sure I haven’t missed anything.” Nathan knows that customers deserve the highest quality of service, and strives to provide it each time he’s on a job. “As a consumer, I know that I expect something I’m paying for to work - just like our customers do,” says Nathan.

Keeping a positive attitude also helps him think about the customer experience. “Customers can pick up on your attitude,” says Nathan. “A positive attitude can go a long way.”

Maria, Quality Control Representative (Minneapolis)
Maria monitors over 200 calls per month and will regularly reach out to support other call center language employees, despite her busy schedule. She recently took the initiative to improve the customer experience of Spanish-speaking customers by championing the idea and implementation of a fully-integrated Spanish-language menu on our Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Michael, IP Support (Maryland)
A 12-year Comcast veteran and Call Center Manager, Michael is passionate about resolving customer issues-even in the online world. Michael volunteers his time on the Help Forums, and in 2007, became primary Forum Administrator. Michael has logged almost 3,000 hours and made more than 10,000 posts.

Thanks to Michael, hundreds of customers have chosen to remain as our loyal patrons; in fact, many pleased customers have shown their appreciation to Michael by posting positive comments on various online forums. When asked why he does this, Michael says, “I have the ability to alter how our customers view us and I feel obligated to do everything I can to make this happen.”

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