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The Cable-Powered Internet Helps Students Connect to Online Education Resources from Home

August 23, 2001

Always-on, high-speed Internet connection is an essential, back-to-school learning tool.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Education is the main reason families purchase computers and provide their children with Internet connections at home, according to a National School Boards Foundation survey.

As families across the United States prepare to send their children back to school, Comcast Cable, the country's third largest cable company, and the non-profit Cable in the Classroom organization are partnering to share important information about how the cable-powered Internet is changing the way students learn.

During a month-long Back-to-School promotion, Comcast will demonstrate its cable-powered Internet service at events throughout the communities it serves. In addition, parents and students can log onto the Web to participate in a session prepared by Cable in the Classroom trainers that will connect them to useful web sites and other online resources that match grade level and course of study.

Dr. Peggy O'Brien, executive director of Cable in the Classroom, noted, "Technology is changing the way we're all learning. There is a wealth of innovative, educational content available online that's terrific for both parents and kids. Parents can help their children build on the technology resources available to them at school and incorporate them into their home studies."

Added Dave Watson, executive vice president of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service for Comcast, "The cable-powered Internet lets students quickly connect to a wider range of multimedia content – including very large complex graphics as well as audio and video files -- making the Internet an even more powerful learning tool. We think that parents and kids alike will consider it as much of a back-to-school necessity as a new backpack or pens and notebooks, especially after they've experienced the speed and always-on connection at one of our many demonstrations."

Cable modem services use the same wires that deliver cable television service to provide an "always-on" connection and incredibly faster download speeds. For example, with a cable modem, users can download more than 960 pages per minute as compared to as few as two to 12 pages per minute with traditional dial-up services. That means a student could download the entire text of " Romeo and Juliet" in only 2/10ths of a second using a high-speed cable modem.

Cable in the Classroom works with cable companies -- like Comcast -- to provide more than 5,700 schools and libraries in 1,100 communities nationwide with free high-speed cable modem service. These high-speed Internet connections give students and teachers access to new resources and services with capabilities and values unmatched by any other telecommunications provider or technology.

For more information about Comcast's Back-to-School campaign, including interactive demonstrations, an online education workshop and special product offers, visit and click on the Internet Products link.

Editor's note: Interviews with Dr. O'Brien are available by request.

About Cable in the Classroom
Cable in the Classroom represents a collaboration with schools valued at $100 million a year by the cable industry to enhance the resources of teachers, students and schools. More than 8,500 local cable companies provide free cable hook ups and free monthly service to 81,000 schools, reaching 44 million students. More than 500 hours of educational, commercial-free programming and a vast array of online support materials are provided for schools by 38 cable networks each month. Through cable's High Speed Education Connection, local cable companies provide free, cable high-speed Internet hook ups to state accredited K-12 schools and libraries in communities where broadband service is available. In addition to providing programming and online resources, Cable in the Classroom, via its Professional Development Institute, collaborates with educators and other adults on the effective uses of cable-related educational technologies (

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